MySQL and MariaDB Database Consulting

MySQL and MariaDB are still the most used databases in the world. With everything we see on the web about them, it is important to be well informed to maximize the performance of MySQL / MariaDB.

Indeed, all the information available is not necessarily adapted to your situation. Instead of blindly following any suggestion, it is better to opt for a consulting service tailored to your use case.

Did you know ?

MySQL, an open source relational database management system (RDBMS), was deployed in May 1995, then purchased by Oracle in April 2009. From there was born the MariaDB fork, whose objective was to keep the free project under general public license (GPL).
MySQL uses the Structured Query Language (SQL) which is the most popular for managing content within a database.

When to use mysql and mariadb database consulting services?

Optimize, diagnose and resolve performance issues

In some cases, MySQL / MariaDB database tables crash quite easily. This is due to an unexpected server shutdown, sudden file system corruption or during the copy operation, when the database is still accessible.

Ocean DBA consultants will quickly identify data issues and recommend solutions to improve architecture and design for performance, availability, functionality, resiliency …

Ensure the availability of applications

We can help keep your database up and running and meet all of your uptime needs.

Update current software or migrate to new, more efficient software

Our MySQL consulting specialists bring you their know-how as part of an upgrade to perform an efficient migration of your systems and data with the least effort, risk and cost.

Why seek the services of a database consultant?

Since your database performance is important to application performance, you need to ensure MySQL® / MariaDB® optimization for your critical applications and websites.

Here is a more or less complete list of the objectives of these expert missions:

  • Troubleshooting recurring issues
  • Definition of architectures that will increase the load resistance
  • Establishment of backup and security systems
  • Realization of skills transfers
  • Improved Maria DB and MySQL database performance (query tuning, schema audit, fragmentation review, etc.)
  • Increase in high availability (review of available solutions, definition and deployment of clusters)
  • Configuration and sizing of the platform to accommodate X users or Y transactions per second
  • Performing migrations (example: proprietary database to open source database)

How is the consulting session going?

Consulting consists of going to a client who is encountering problems or experiencing real needs on his databases.

The session normally lasts between 1 and 5 days, on site or remotely.

In general, the team is available in less than a week remotely, and in less than 2 weeks on site.

Benefit from the expertise of a team of experienced mysql consulting specialists

Our team of experienced MySQL consultants and MySQL database administrators can support you, whatever the problem or the identified need:

  • Architecture and design
  • Disaster and recovery
  • General health-check database
  • High availability (replication, Galera, ProxySQL, MaxScale)
  • MySQL performance and optimization
  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Oracle or MS-SQL database migrations to MariaDB and MySQL
  • Deployment of databases in the cloud (RDS, Aurora, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.)
  • Personalized advice and training (MariaDB DBA, MariaDB for developers, MariaDB high availability, MariaDB performance, Galera Cluster, ProxySQ

To test our effectiveness and get valuable MySQL and MariaDB database advice, please contact us. We will carefully review your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

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