Database administration training

Wondering how to become a good database administrator? Learn from real system administration pros. Ocean DBA, MySQL consulting specialist, offers high-level database administration training. Discover our full program.

Objectives of the database administration training

This course has been set up to help you master the management, updating and improvement of database systems on the market (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Maria DB …).

At the end of this training, candidates will learn how to maintain data consistency, efficiency and security.

The course program

This training for database administrators revolves around the following themes:

Who is this training for?

The training in database administration is intended for system administrators and / or database managers.

Why invest in DBA SQL training?

It is important to remember that the MySQL database management system is one of the most used on the market. Professional training will allow you to acquire new skills to become a database administrator and take full advantage of the benefits of MySQL .

MySQL database management will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will have a perfect command of MySQL / MariaDB basics and will be more relaxed when using software and data.

How are the courses handled?

Training is offered on site, depending on your needs. In 3 or 4 days (depending on the level and the number of participants), we cover all the aspects and advantages of using MySQL.

Results after training

The candidate will be able to administer, configure and maintain a database (?) Under operational conditions (healthcheck MySQL and MariaDB operations).

Good to know

There are multiple perspectives for development. After several years of experience, the database administrator can claim more important positions: system architect, technical consultant, database or information systems auditor …

DBA MariaDB training: a team of MySQL management experts to support you

With the success of MySQL, the demand for database administrators (DBA) is strong and companies are looking for the best profiles for managing their data. Hence, the importance of following database administration training with qualified professionals.

Ocean DBA has almost 50 years of experience in managing MySQL and its ecosystem. Composed of MySQL experts and consultants in system administration, with in-depth practical experience, our team is committed to providing you with unique expertise – through advice based on technical and product stability – rather than on marketing and commercial.

To become a database administrator, trust our qualified team in MySQL consulting services!