OceanDBA Ltd is an IT company situated in Quatre Bornes who provides expert services for open-source databases within the MySQL eco-system: MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server databases.

We are currently looking for a System and Database Engineer to administrate local and remote open-source databases and systems. Part of the job will include developing and improving database tools to improve efficiency and service quality.


  • 3+ years experience of enterprise-class open-source systems administration
  • 2+ years experience with web platforms design, configuration and installation
  • 1+ year experience of MySQL/MariaDB or Percona database administration
  • Experience with Virtualisation and containers (VMware, KVM, LXC, Docker, Kubernetes…)
  • Command line Kung Fu (awk, sed, while, for, tr…)
  • Knowledge with networking, security and load-balancing (nginx, haproxy, lvs …)
  • Experience in Linux system tuning
  • Experience in MySQL database tuning
  • Knowledge in SQL(Query Language, Schema Design, Indexing)
  • Experience with high-availability platforms
  • At ease with scripting (Bash, Python)
  • Experience with software version control usage in a team

Bonus Points

  • Experience with other databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Solar
  • Knowledge in other programming languages (Python, Go, Node, Ruby)
  • Experience with build automation (Jenkins/Travis)
  • Experience with caching and Queuing: Memcache, Redis, Gearman, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ,Kafka…
  • Public contribution to open-source projects
  • Experience in Graphing software or libraries (Graphite, Grafana, Greylog,Kibana…)

Your personal attitude sounds like:

  • Challenger who likes to push technology at it’s limit
  • Open-source fan or addict
  • Proven ability to solve problems
  • You are not satisfied by “it’s working” only
  • High teamwork and communication skills
  • Constant appeal to improve codebase and systems
  • Interested in improving skills on database systems

Some highlights for the position:

  • Startup atmosphere in the office

  • No diploma required: we primarily care about experience and attitude

  • We highly appreciate one’s personal drive to learn new things

  • Creative and innovative ideas are most welcomed

  • Team gatherings and team buildings

  • Short term evolution to Senior Level

  • Free lunch & coffee

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